Mastering Public Procurement

With almost 50 years of experience in Public Procurement, I have started a YouTube channel (Mastering Public Procurement) to supplement this task of training all stakeholders involved in Public Procurement.
The channel has universally applicable content, with some content specific to India but generically helpful for all.
However, much more difficult is the task of reaching my channel and videos to the target audience. The uptake is dishearteningly slow.
May I request your support and encouragement in this lonely battle by subscribing to this channel, viewing, liking, and sharing videos? The links to this channel are given below. You would find my videos and subscribe button on the channel. Mastering Public Procurement - YouTube


50 anos como comprador. √Č uma experi√™ncia respeit√°vel, com certeza.

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Valeu pela dica, @Paracencios!

Além da experiência cinquentenária como comprador, me chamou a atenção esse diagnóstico:

Public Procurement professionals are not adequately trained in the complexity of procurement policies, theory and concepts.

Só no Brasil mesmo… não, péra, rs!

Concordo, temos dois problemas s√©rios nas √°reas de compras dos √≥rg√£os p√ļblicos: 1) desprest√≠gio na m√°quina, nunca s√£o priorizadas em pol√≠ticas de RH, acarretando pouca atratividade para os talentos; 2) capacita√ß√£o inadequada, quando existe (os cursos geralmente se limitam ao conhecimento da lei de reg√™ncia, sem cursos voltados para o conhecimento dos mercados de fornecedores).